Review Policy

Reader Girls reads the following genres:
Please look around our blog, read some of our reviews, notice the types of books we host blog tours for, and then decide if we suit your book. Also, please be patient with us. Even though our blog title is plural, Laurie is the only one who runs the blog, does the scheduling and reads most of the books for review. Caity and Meg are both in college. We have added Stephen, 12, as a reader for middle grade/young adult, but at this time he is a reluctant reader and picky.

In New Adult: all.

In YA: paranormal, fantasy, high/urban fantasy, steampunk, dystopian, futuristic, contemporary, romantic, horror, gothic, thriller, historical.

In Middle Grade: Anything that an twelve-year-old boy would like/love (along the lines of Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Pokemon, farting, humorous, video game-ish).

In adult: fantasy (high/urban), paranormal, steampunk, dystopian, chick-lit, contemporary, romance, literary fiction, commercial fiction, thriller, suspense, historical, inspirational, and erotica. 

We DO NOT accept non-fiction with the exception of how-to books (preferably writing), and commercial non-fiction (the occasional memoir/biography of someone we are interested it). 

We read graphic novels and manga and will accept AUDIO books.

Formats we accept: We prefer e-books and accept Mobi, epub and pdf. 
If you are sending us an ARC, please let us know so we do not mention typos or formatting issues in our review.

Our email address is: 

Authors may gift us their books through Amazon- Kindle. 
Send to: (address to Laurie)

IF I am able to review your book, I will contact you. 
What we review is up to our discretion.

We hope you don't mind this change but we cannot keep up with 
the amount of requests coming in. 

Sites we run our reviews on:
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 Reader Girls does not write reviews for DNF (books we did not finish). We do not share/pirate/sell any e-book sent to us. When we finish reading digital galleys we delete the files.

You may notice many of our reviews range from Adored It to Good
We  approach our reviews from the heart first--how the story affected us--then we view it critically. After all, isn't reading an emotional affair? 

We do not believe in posting a review bashing an author. Writers should be afforded the same respect and courtesy we show everyone else. Our policy is: if we don't like a story, we don't write a review.

Our ratings are:

5. Adored it!  A total keeper.

4. Loved it! Totally into the story.

3. Good. Liked it.

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